This has not been the easiest period of my life. There’s been lots of upheaval, lots of stress, and lots of sadness and yet, there has been joy, hope, and yes, even peace. And so, I am thankful; for the things that follow and for oh-so-much more. 

  1. For a job a love 
  2. For a boss I respect who goes out of her way to let her staff know how much we are appreciated
  3. For good health
  4. For the many many members of my extended family
  5. For better relationships with my brother and sister
  6. For the simple pleasures – fresh coffee in the morning, sunrise and sunset, a comfy cocoon like bed, etc. 
  7. For the community at CTK and the way that they continually love me and remind me of the Gospel
  8. More specifically for my community group and the consistency of meeting almost every Monday night for the last 4 years. 
  9. For new life and being able to share in the love and joy of the littlest ones
  10. For the Word of God
  11. For the Hope that only He brings. 


In the last forty-eight hours I have done more things with ease that previously would have taken me months or weeks to deliberate than ever before. In short order, I heard about a graduate program, decided to apply, started (and nearly finished) my application and (drumroll please) asked four people for recommendations. 

This morning, when I heard back from one of my recommenders, I was struck by how, in the past, I would have been held up by something as simple as asking somebody to write a recommendation. I wouldn’t have thought I was worthy of a recommendation, or even if I thought I was, I wouldn’t have wanted to inconvenience somebody for something I wanted to do. 

Maybe it’s maturity, maybe it’s more self-confidence, or maybe it’s evidence of God’s restorative and calming work in my life, but in any case, I’m grateful for growth!