Week 1: The Plan

Part of the difficulty I have in keeping New Year’s Resolutions, is that with the advent of the New Year comes the end of my vacation. My ideas of what I can do while I’m on vacation are always vastly different from what I’m capable of OFF of vacation. That’s part of why achieving my goal of “living mindfully” requires me to realistically plan each week. So, since I’m unlikely to want to take on this task on Sunday when I’m mourning the end of another vacation, I’m using my iCal to make a plan now.


A Beginning

Each year, I vow not to make any New Year’s Resolutions. And each year, I fail. I make resolutions, and like millions of people, by February I’ve abandoned them swearing that next year will be different.

This year will be different.

This year, I am making just three simple rules to live by, and any resolutions I make will center around these rules. Each month I will focus on just one of these rules, and will try out new routines accordingly.

So, here are the rules:

1. live mindfully each day

2. live healthfully each day

3. live happily each day

In January, I will be focusing on weekly planning (living mindfully), establishing morning and evening routines (living happily) and and taking a daily multivitamin (living healthfully). Admittedly, these seem like small steps, but it is my hope that in taking small steps, I will be more likely to achieve my goals. Here’s to a happy, healthy, and mindful 2010!