It’s been awhile…

I’ve been away for awhile… it’s been a busy summer, filled with trips to visit family, and work-related stuff, and there’s more coming up. I’m heading to NYC for a couple of days and then heading down to the Outer Banks for the week with my mom’s side of the family. After which, I hope to do a major photo update of the blog!

I’ve been fighting hard for my faith this summer. It has been challenging after the events of the spring, but I am convinced that Christ lived, died, and will come again, and so this fight is one worth fighting. Please continue to pray for my family, and for me as we continue this journey together.


…And Summer is FINALLY Here!

It seemed like it took forever to get here. There’s something about working until the very last day of June that goes against the grain of what I usually expect from my life as a teacher. I’ll quit complaining there though, because I recognize that most people don’t get 2 months during the nicest months of the year off from their jobs. And I won’t get on my soap box and point out that I am spending a week at a training on classroom management techniques, and another 2 hours every morning reading books and planning for school. I also won’t point out that I totally work unpaid weekends during the school year and so maybe, just maybe, having some time off during the summer is well-deserved. (Ok, I’m done).

So, my main goals for the summer are to get in shape, and to spend some serious time with God. My body is suffering from the effects of June (too many meals out with coworkers and no time to cook healthy meals), and my heart is suffering from the effects of our family tragedy this spring. I am grateful to have some time to help both recover.

Since I knew that if I didn’t start the summer with healthy habits, I got up this morning and hit the track. My goal is to do the Couch to 5K program this summer, and then to sign up for a 5K sometime in the fall. I was a little nervous about what it would feel like, but I was surprisingly able to complete it all pretty easily! I had definitely broken a sweat about halfway through, and my heart rate was in the 120s so I was definitely working out. The program cautions not to jump ahead, so I won’t, even though I was tempted to see if I could go just a little bit farther. I’m excited to see if I can complete the program. I’m trying to change my mindset from not being a runner to knowing that I totally can run.

When I returned home, I knew it was time to spend some time with God. I was not looking forward to this time. My mind is distractable under the best of conditions, and right now I’ve been avoiding time with God like the plague. I just don’t want to go there right now. If I’m honest, I’m angry with Him for the pain He allowed my family to endure, and my usual reaction to anger is avoiding the people I’m angry with. Still, as I’ve felt my relationship with Him drift away this spring, I was saddened by the thought of no longer knowing God. I want that relationship back. I want that hope back. I want my faith in Him restored. And the reality is that is going to take work. Fortunately, this spring when I was cleaning out my kitchen, I found the book Streams in the Desert hidden under my kitchen table. I’ve never truly known a desert before, and so the book had always seemed like it didn’t completely apply to my life. I am so grateful to have it now. I spent some time with God on the patio this morning, it wasn’t anything profound, and I’m still not excited to go back and do it tomorrow, but my prayer is for patience, to hear God’s voice again, and for a renewed love of Him and desire to spend time with Him. In the meantime, I pray for  discipline and ask that if you feel lead, to pray for me as well. I feel confident that He will answer these prayers.

Here’s to summer!