What I Learned in September

Linking up with Chatting at the Sky today for my first post in a long time…

1. Until I stop teaching, September will probably always be hard. September is a month of 12-15 hour days being the norm, not the exception. It’s a month where I forget what it’s like to feel anything but exhausted. It’s a month where I have to figure out what it looks like to balance work-life with home-life. It’s a month where, no matter what I do, my body hurts at the end of every single day whether because I haven’t eaten or enough, or because I never sat down, or because I pushed myself so far past the point where I should have gone back home that it just isn’t funny any more. September is hard, but the days pass quickly, and it gets better.

2. My days are infinitely better when they start with prayer. I began reading my Bible and praying pretty intentionally this September before I left for school. There were a handful of days that were just rough, where I was anxious, and where the kids were too. When I got home, I realized, they were the days that I forgot to stop and pray. The next time I realized I was having one of those days, I snuck off to the bathroom to pray. It got better.

3. I love the people I work with. It was super hard to come back this year, after the trauma-inducing year I had at school last year. Coming back this fall, I realized how many people I have rooting for me at school… how many people I have in my corner. I’m grateful. 

4. Exercise is a better solution to stress than wine. I joined the gym with some friends. The combination of exercise and conversation after those tough days at work leaves everything feeling more manageable when I leave.