I finally tackled the kitchen. After days of putting it off and allowing dishes to accumulate in the sink (and let’s be honest, on most of my counters too), I finally managed to put a couple hours into really cleaning. 90 minutes and one full trash bag later, the kitchen is totally clean. It’s nice to feel some progress. I was feeling particularly motivated- I’ve also tackled my classroom in the last week- so I wanted to continue with the rest of the house, but I was off to a concert with some friends so I had to leave the living room, bedroom and bathroom a mess for another night.

So as I’ve been doing this outward cleaning, it got me thinking about the inward cleaning I need to do. The winter has been rough on my soul. I’ve spent so much time being downright exhausted, that it was hard to do much else beyond vegging on the couch. Three months later, I almost forget what it’s like to have a real, living, personal relationship with God. I know He’s there, I still go to church on Sundays, I still love God, but my relationship with Him needs some TLC. I’m off to the Women’s Retreat my church is having next weekend so that should certainly help, but I know I need to incorporate some regular time with Him into my schedule too. With that in mind, do any of you know of any good devotionals, or have any tricks for how to spend a Quiet Time?


Spring Cleaning

It’s time. I look around my house these days and it’s like a bomb went off. The winter doldrums, combined with complete exhaustion lulled me into a routine where I managed to clean exactly nothing during the last few weeks. That includes basic upkeep. It’s a sad state of affairs. I took a LONG nap today, so I’m starting tonight, and continuing the process throughout the week. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  1. Clean Sweep – Bedroom
  2. Clean Sweep – Living Room
  3. Clean Sweep – Bathroom
  4. Clean Sweep – Kitchen
  5. Dust and Vacuum – Bedroom
  6. Dust and Vacuum – Living Room
  7. Scrub and Mop – Bathroom
  8. Scrub and Mop – Kitchen
  1. Clean Out Refrigerator
  2. Scrub Down Refrigerator
  3. Declutter under sink
  4. Change out Spring/Winter Clothes
  5. Spring Decorating
  6. Change to spring sheets on the bed
  7. Clean out car
  8. Purge toiletries
  9. Declutter dresser
  10. Finish Taxes (not spring cleaning, but definitely on the to-do list!)


Oh readers, I have to apologize for being so remiss in posting lately. I’ve been so exhausted lately, a combination of the end of winter, fighting off a cold, and starting some new meds. The nap seems to have become my best friend. I’ll squeeze one in wherever I can!

Anyway, March always starts me dreaming about summer, despite my best intentions to live in the moment. I have these dreams of spending hours outside on my patio, reading, and drinking coffee. Reality is though, that summer is filling up more quickly than I’d like. There’s the week-long training after school gets out that takes me right until July 1, the (potential) trip to the Outer Banks the last week of July, the week-long training the first week of August, and the trip to the Cape the last two and half weeks of vacation. Suddenly, my summer is feeling short. Regardless, I’m summer-dreaming! I think this summer, instead of making my list of activities to complete, I’m going to make a list of books to read, house-projects to complete (let’s all start praying now that I don’t have to move…), and walks around Boston to take. I’d like to spend as much time as possible doing things that involve moving my body, using my brain, and that are free. Suggestions!?


I had plans to hit the sack early tonight. Instead, I got a massive migraine, and efforts to just go to sleep without taking any medication failed. So, two extra strength migraine pills laced with caffeine later, and it’s 11:00 and I am nowhere near being able to fall asleep. Should make for a great morning.

Anyway, I was thinking tonight about my sense of myself as a woman, and how I want to increasingly grow into that role. For a long time I think I assumed that I would become a “real” woman when I got married, or when I had children. I think it’s why I relate so strongly to characters in books and on television who aren’t wives or mothers. There’s something about seeing how these other women forge alternate paths through the world even as they own their womanhood that I find inspiring, even if the characters themselves are fictional. I want to own my role as a woman, and I want to grow into the gifts and talents that God has given me, even if they are not being utilized in a marriage or as a mother. It’s an interesting picture to envision, since for so long I had only the one picture of how my life would play out. As I confront the road that God’s got me on right now, it’s time to give up the plan that I had for myself, and embrace the one that must be better.