An End

Vacation is over. 9 days in which I didn’t do much have come to a close, and it’s time to head back to the real world. I still believe that there’s a better way to do this “life” thing. A way in which we don’t drag ourselves to offices or jobs every day at specific hours… but maybe this is just another example of how I was born in the wrong century. I should have lived pre-industrial revolution back when the home was the center of work for most people. I remember hearing that line in all of my women’s history classes with Professor Drachman at Tufts… I’m glad I learned something there. Unfortunately, I also remember learning just how hard work in the home was, so I know I’m romanticizing when I say I’d like to go back and live that life.

Anyway, I felt a lot of pressure today to DO something. After all, it was the last day of vacation and the temperature was supposed to be over 40. In Boston, in February any day that’s supposed to be over 40 is call to DO something. The thing was though that yesterday I took full advantage of the over 40 weather. I went to Concord, walked around Walden Pond (bought a Parks Pass so I can do that more often this year…), went into town to my favorite little cafe, drove around Concord, Lexington, Lincoln before finally heading to Burlington for dinner with Mom and Dad. It was a perfect day, and today, I just wanted to rest. So after church today I went home, sat in front of my (open!) windows and read. For hours. It turns out this spot in front of my window, is the perfect reading spot… even if it is on the floor. The sun streamed in through the window, illuminating the pages, and warming both my body and soul for about four good hours of reading. The afternoon was perfected by a menu of comfort food… coffee, grilled cheese, warm applesauce, chai tea, and gingersnaps.

So, I’m not ready to go back to reality tomorrow, and waking up five hours earlier is going to be a rude awakening indeed, but I’m glad I found a new spot in which to relax. And I’m comforted by the knowledge, that I can rush home tomorrow to soak up an hour of sunlight in my new favorite spot, and in just three short weeks the sun will be setting at 7:00 thanks to daylight savings, and I can soak in a good two and a half hours after work. Sometimes it’s the little things that count.

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