I’ve risen early these last 12 days. Greeted by a cup of coffee and a passage of Scripture, followed by a few minutes checking e-mail and updating myself on what is going on in the world. The time has been sweet.

It’s so nice to slowly sip that first taste of coffee instead of trying to gulp down as much as possible before the children come running in. It’s nice to start my day with Scripture, instead of wondering if I’ll find time to squeeze that in sometime before I collapse in bed. It’s nice to sit, peacefully, surrounded only by my thoughts, for those first few minutes after I wake up.

The mornings are nice, yes, but that is not surprising. What is surprising is how my mornings carry me through the rest of my day. Arriving at work without having anything stressful occur during that first hour of the day, allows me to approach my day more calmly than I would have otherwise. I’m not panicking as I move from subject to subject, wondering if I got done everything I needed to, because I was able to double check in the morning.

Why write this all down? Because the hours of sunlight are quickly dwindling and before I know it it will be dark when I rise. The temptation for just a few more minutes of sleep will be strong, and I hope that memories like these will be able to carry me through.


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