Coming Down from the Mountain

It’s a better place
Standing high upon this mountain
I’ve seen your face 
Full of the light that holiest height can show
Blessed hand is why you you’ve given
But you’ve been given all you’ll ever need
To know

So walk down this mountain
With your heart held high
Follow in the footsteps of your maker
With this love that’s gone before you 
And these people at your side
If you offer up your broken cup
You will taste the meaning of this life


I spent the weekend at the Christ the King Women’s Retreat. It’s the same place that I was immediately before the fire last year. I remember coming home from the retreat feeling as though I was on the mountaintop, and less than 72 hours later finding myself about as deep in the valley as I’ve ever been. It was so hard to go back this year, and it was hard to be there, but I’m so glad that I did. 

I’ve learned so much this year, and having this time away helped me to summarize it for myself. It’s been back to basics this year- just me and Jesus. We focused this weekend on the reality of God’s provision, and it was not hard to look back and see the many ways that God has provided. Beyond that though, God does not just provide for our worldly needs. He has provided for us once for all. His perfect provision was the death of Jesus on the cross. Only he could be the perfect substitution for the sacrifices required for our sin. I may not understand all of His ways, but for His sacrifice and for His love for me, I am eternally grateful.


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