How Much Jesus is Enough?

Do you know how much you need Jesus? I didn’t until the last few days, until the hole in my heart was so clearly Jesus sized that there was no other solution than to sit down with Scripture, or at the very least with books that point me to Scripture. My need, my desire for Christ has been insatiable, which is, I suppose, a healthy place for it to be.

The most frustrating thing, particularly in this busy season of life is how difficult it is to find the time to fill that need. I need Jesus, but I seem to have no time. It’s easy to fill the need when I have endless hours stretching in front of me before I need to be somewhere, but when I need to be out the door at 7:30, it seems to be a lost cause. I will never be a morning person. Sometimes I squeeze in 15 minutes at school, most often over my lunch break, but that is hardly a place where my soul feels free to worship, feels free to seek Christ. I need my sustenance before that.

I was struck anew today while I was reading about how God instructs the Israelites to collect the manna each day, not to collect more than they needed for each day because otherwise it would rot. I thought then of Jesus’ words as he instructs his disciples that man does not live on bread alone, but on the Word. I need to feast on the Word daily. I can’t overeat on Sunday in preparation for a week that is too busy. I need the Word each day, or I will starve. I need Jesus.

Are you aware of your need?

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