Unwrapping Tuesday

In truth, there seems to be very little to be thankful for these days. This year has been a challenging one for my family. Coming up on Christmas, I realize that was the last day that I saw my aunt and cousin last year before they passed away. I don’t even remember saying goodbye. They lived so close I took for granted seeing them again soon. At Thanksgiving this year, it became increasingly apparent that in the next few weeks or months we will say goodbye to another aunt, this time with some warning, but again all too soon. With all of this sadness hanging over the holidays this year, what is there here to be thankful for?

Maybe it is in this, that this time, we have the opportunity to say goodbye. I can send an e-mail to my aunt sharing a song that makes me think of her and brings me comfort and she can write back. My cousins and uncle have had time to prepare. The funeral is largely planned, the eulogies have time to be written, and decisions don’t need to be made in the heat of the moment.

It’s made me think about what a gift time is. Whether Tuesday or any other day, we are all given 24 hours in which to live, 24 hours in which to make the most of each moment. I know it doesn’t mean I won’t fritter away moments here and there, but I am grateful for a greater awareness of the gift I’ve been given in the time that i have.


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