I’ve been reading a couple of new blogs this month (here and here if you’re interested), both of which are spending the month centered on the concept of rest or Sabbath. Each week this month I have come to the weekend desiring to have a Sabbath, and each week this month I have failed because you can’t have a Sabbath if it’s a thought that just occurs to you one weekend morning. Or maybe you can, but I’ve had too much to do, and too much that literally couldn’t be put off.

As I got into bed this evening for a few more hours of reading and resting, I watched the candles burning across the room (a new nightly ritual thanks to one of those blogs I’m reading… I forget which one) and I thought, “I want to take a Sabbath.” You see, at the end of this 48 hour period, I do not feel rested, I do not feel rejuvenated, and I do not feel ready to enter the week. I am yearning for God, and yet, so often, the way I live my life closes myself off to Him. I have the TV on, or the computer on constantly. I bustle around, cleaning, or working and in the in between times there is no space for me to hear God speak. I need to create that time and space in my whole week, sure, but right now I need to start small. I need to feed my soul on the Sabbath so that in the midst of the bustle of the week, my soul remembers what it is like to feast on God, and desires to continue to do so.

The list of things that I’ll need to do to prepare for the Sabbath is long, but it’s only Sunday night and so, with the right mindset, I am convinced that I can do it. I’ll need to:

  • Finish my lesson plans ahead of time
  • Keep the house clean so that I don’t feel pressure to clean it during the weekend, and so that my soul has space to breathe.
  • Do my grocery shopping and plan my errands so that they are done ahead of time

I am planning on keeping my Sabbath on Saturday, despite the fact that I signed up for a sewing class that afternoon. I’m taking the class with a dear friend, and I do believe that is a way of feeding my soul. From sundown Friday to sundown Saturday it’ll be Sabbath time, and I for one, can’t wait.

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