I am a great lover of routines. I love planning them. I love the first few days of implementing them. I do not love waking up a few weeks later and realizing that I have abandoned the routines that held such promise only a few days before.

Even so, as I laid down this evening to spend an hour and a half with a book, I realized that there are some routines that are working impeccably for me this fall, and some that I want to implement as I move forward.

Morning Routines

  • Weekday: I love my morning cup of coffee, even if I have to drink it at school. That first sip of caffeine, even if it’s not much sends a small sense of calmness into my day.
  • Weekend: Oh that Saturday cup… in a real mug, on the couch with a book. Love.
Daytime Routines
  • Writing my “Morning Message” before I leave work for the day. I don’t always want to do it, but I always regret it the next morning when I haven’t. Taking the extra 5 minutes, and it’s really just that, 5 minutes and a little extra brain power, makes my days so much better.
  • Looking at the kids’ writing notebooks before I leave for the day. Again, an extra 15-30 minutes saves me an infinite amount of stress
  • Likewise, making photocopies the night before, makes life so much easier the next day.
Evening Routines
  • Today, instead of watching mindless TV, I sat down with my book, and read for 90 minutes. I was so grateful for that time. It felt longer than it would have if I had watched TV, and my brain felt healthier too.
Weekly Routines 
This is where I really need to grow. Here are some routines I’d like to implement.
  • Sunday: Make lunches for the following week, plan schedule for the week
  • Monday: Clean living room
  • Tuesday: Clean up bedroom
  • Wednesday: Clean up bathroom
  • Thursday: Clean up kitchen
  • Friday/Saturday: Grocery Shopping

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