“We’re adults. How did that happen? And how to we make it stop?”

The quote above is a favorite from the show Grey’s Anatomy which  I watch religiously each week despite the fact that it has unfortunately become somewhat formulaic and predictable. I rewatched the first few seasons in order this summer though, and fell in love all over again. At this point in my life, their stumbling around efforts to look adult all the while feeling about 17 feels oh-so-familiar.

I was pondering that this morning as I first woke up early, then rolled over and woke up too late and too tired to drag myself to church. I don’t quite have the handle of adult life. I don’t know my limits yet- don’t know that I can’t spend an entire day outside, get only one of my errands done, and then commit to spending a full day babysitting on Sunday and then expect to have the energy to go to church beforehand. I don’t yet understand how to balance the demands of work with the demands of a house that doesn’t clean itself and a body that can’t exercise on its own.

I am trying to have grace with myself in this time. It’s only my second year in an apartment by myself; it’s only my second year doing this job; it’s only my seventh year out of college (yikes). While I know that I need to be focusing on developing discipline and routines for myself, I also can’t beat myself up over the fact that things aren’t perfect yet. I’ll get there- just not nearly as fast as I’d like to.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your tips on how you balance the demands of adult life. I need your help!


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