Seeing Wisdom in God’s Plans

This blogging challenge has been, well, challenging. I am so glad I didn’t sign up for the whole month, but equally glad that I committed to trying more. It’s hard to come up with something to write about each day, but it’s been nice to be able to have a place to crystallize my thinking, a place to realize how much I am learning each day. Having blogged fairly consistently for nearly two years, it is fun to look back at where I have been, and to be grateful for how much I have learned over the years.

Yesterday I was struck by how perfectly God has orchestrated my life. I was driving down Cambridge Street, having just finished dinner with some co-workers and I was reflecting on just how far I’ve come in the nearly 14 months since I started at my new school. I remember this time last year feeling completely overwhelmed. I was grateful to be at the new school, but I was learning so much, and each day felt like a huge learning curve. My brain didn’t have time to rest and I missed the friendships I had left at my old school. As I drove down the street yesterday though, I was struck by the close friendships I have developed at the new school, and how I couldn’t have predicted that at this time last year. I was grateful for how my new school is such a perfect fit for my teaching style and philosophy and I was grateful for how looking at the old school now, I couldn’t have predicted how many of my good friends there would be gone now.

This is a season of life, and it is one that I am enormously grateful for. One where all of the pieces seem to come together, where my work life, social life, home life, and family life are all (relatively) stable and I can just enjoy the moments. It is though, in the remembering how I did not orchestrate even a bit of this that I hope to carry through to those other seasons. I did not know what God was doing when He allowed this door to open for me. I did not know what He was doing when he allowed 3 apartments to fall through before landing me here. I did not know what He was doing I felt lead to attend the new church nearly 4 years ago. And yet, here I am, in a life that for this season at least, feels blessedly knit together just for me.


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