Because it’s 9:00 and I’m stuck for a blog idea and it’s only the 6th day of the month during which I committed to write 21 blog posts; because I’ve only written 2 so far this month; because I, like everyone needs to stop and remember He who is the giver of all good gifts, I stop today and join with Ann in giving thanks.

  1.  Green leaves, still on the trees almost six months after they first appeared. A gift of beauty in the midst of what was otherwise a despairing time.
  2. Butternut squash mixed with cremini mushrooms and tortellini, comfort food for a fall evening.
  3. Soccer games and state fairs, Fall traditions that bring joy to a season during which so many of my favorite things fall away.
  4. Running. Being able to run after so many years of not running. Enjoying each step as my body releases tension.
  5. Frivolous perhaps, but my flat iron. A tool which enables me to enjoy thirty more minutes of sleep two mornings in a row and still allows for some style.
  6. The support I find in my colleagues. I could not work with a better team.
  7. The Word. How it feeds my soul. How it is always always there, even when I forget.
  8. Frozen waffles. Easy morning sustenance.
  9. Cheap yet delicious coffee. A balm to those first thirty minutes of the school day.
  10. Grace.

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