31 Days of… Trying to Blog More

Some of my favorite bloggers are up to their second annual “31 Days” series. You can find links to all of their posts over at Emily’s blog, Remodeling This Life.

As for me, I’m not up to the challenge of posting on the same topic for  31 days at this point in the school year, or in my life. I’m hopeful for next year, but this year I can already tell that it’s a lost cause! Still, I want to blog more, and so I’m going to use this month to try to do just that. I’m thinking every weekday for a total of 21 posts. That way, I can make up lost days on the weekend.

What will I blog about? I’m not sure. I’m thinking a smattering of fall pictures chronicling my adventures this month, a few favorite recipes as I try to cook more, my thoughts on faith as I see where God takes me over the course of the month, and maybe a few school stories mixed in too.

I’m excited for what this month has in store! I hope that you will stop by and leave your own thoughts!


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