I was sick this week… a little early according to my usual schedule. I usually like to save my sicknesses for February vacation, or the week after school gets out. I have never had to take two sick days in a row… until this week. As much as I missed the kids though, and believe me I did, it was nice to have this mid-September pause. I was tired, and my body clearly needed the rest. During the two and a half days that I was out, I fell into a pattern of waking up somewhere around 9, watching some TV for a few hours, eating breakfast, and finally falling back asleep somewhere around 1. I’d sleep until 5 or 6 when something would finally wake me up at which point I’d eat again, watch some more TV or read a magazine before I finally fell asleep again somewhere around 10 or 11. It was delightful to be able to give my body what it needed. Recovering on the other hand, has been another story.

Today I woke up at 7:30, awake and alert and ready to tackle the day. Believe me, I had plenty to do! I had guests coming at 12:30, and my house showed every bit of my having been home for the better part of a week sick. I was happy to be up so early if only to have a slow breakfast and then settle into the chores. Instead, I had a slow breakfast, decided to spend a half hour watching a TV show I had wanted to catch this week, and promptly fell asleep… at 8:30. Ok, well maybe 7:30 was a little early to be up on a weekend, but I then proceeded to sleep for the next 3 hours! Fortunately, I got everything done today, but this is not the kind of thing that you can pull off on a weekday… I clearly need to build my stamina.

On top of all of this, it has been a good week, week and a half since I’ve been on a run. I think my last run was last Friday and as I recall, it did not go well. I was supposed to run Monday afternoon, but my body was clearly attempting to fend off whatever illness I eventually ended up with and I gave into a nap instead. While I ate pretty healthfully most of the week, I sort of fell apart the last few days, and I have a feeling that when I finally do get out on the road again, it may not be pretty. Oh, and did I mention about how I tore off half of one of my toe-nails on my left foot, and dropped a glass bottle full of lotion from about 8 feet high on my right foot? I’m a mess.

As it turns out this is just a random collection of my thoughts, but perhaps that’s just where I am these days. I promise a more coherent entry later this week… perhaps when I’m back on the eating well, exercising well wagon!


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