Project Time

I’ve been in my apartment for a little over a year, and as such, it’s beginning to feel cramped. Not because the space is too small, because I still LOVE it, but because there are nagging projects surrounding me, and a year’s worth of clutter that has accumulated. In an effort to love my space a little more, I’m embarking on a two-week long decluttering/cleaning/nagging task completing challenge. Why two weeks? Because one week is too short, and I don’t have the attention span for a month long project.

  • Day 1 – Declutter and dust apartment entrance (done… bonus: I found a $25 Starbucks gift card!)
  • Day 2 – Reorganize kitchen appliances, clean out the refrigerator, clean counters (done)
  • Day 3 – Clean/dust dresser, declutter clothes I don’t wear anymore
  • Day 4 – Clean closet, declutter clothes I don’t wear anymore
  • Day 5 – Put away fall clothes, declutter clothes I know I won’t wear anymore, switch out summer clothes
  • Day 6 – Declutter toiletries
  • Day 7 – Declutter magazines
  • Day 8 – Hang curtains in living/bedroom
  • Day 9 – Deep clean bathroom
  • Day 10 – Declutter kitchen cabinets
  • Day 11 – Sort through purses
  • Day 12 – Sort through books
  • Day 13 – Sort through office supplies
  • Day 14 – Catch up

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