Running… and Liking It

I was supposed to be finished with the Couch to 5K program by now. Unfortunately, my plans have been repeatedly foiled: first by a 34 mile, 4 hour bike ride that left me with a quad that caused me to limp and take painkillers for days; then, by starting school; then, by leaving my running shoes on the Cape (although I do have a back up), getting to the gym without my ID, and then finally getting in the gym and realizing that all of the treadmills were occupied and there was a LONG line to get on them. I did the elliptical instead. Anyway, the real point of this post is that on Wednesday, I realized that I am a runner. As I left work after my second 10 hour day in a row, my body hurt. My feet were covered in blisters from an ill-advised, too-quick transition to dress shoes; my back was tenser than it’s been, well, all summer; and my body, which had been running on adrenaline, had just about run out. I was more than a little shocked then to have the following unconscious thought pattern run through my head: “I am so glad I get to run today. I am going to feel so much more relaxed and my back will feel so much looser when I’m done.” Whoa. Who is that girl? I tried to summon up my pre-Couch to 5K hatred towards running, the dread that came with every workout, and it just wouldn’t come. I finally made it out for my run Saturday. I ran faster than I have been, and true to (new) form, I liked it. I’m investing in a new pair of running shoes this week- a reward for a long summer of running through the good and the bad, and for getting to this point. I’m not going to deny it, I’m proud of myself!


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