The 30 Day Challenge: Days 1 and 2

Ah, even with the best of my intentions, my sin nature is never far behind. I woke up on Day 1 not much later than I had intended, and spent at least a good 15 minutes with the Lord before beginning my day. It was nothing profound, and truthfully I felt disconnected from God… perhaps the result of the amount of time that I have spent avoiding Him over the last few months. Still, it was sweet time, knowing that I was returning to a routine of connecting with Him, and feeling encouraged that there were others joining with me.

And then, there was this morning. I rolled out of bed at 7:25 with nary a second thought about time with God. I didn’t have time to shower, let alone take a few quiet moments. I drove to school without thinking about how else I could be spending my time. I went through my day, which included too many working hours, and too many socializing hours only to return home just a half hour or so ago. It wasn’t until I read Jess’ latest post that I remembered the challenge, and remembered what I had committed to do. So, I spent a few moments this evening, and I pray that Jesus will be with me as I wake up tomorrow!


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