30 Day Challenge @ The Macs

I’ve written here before about my desire to spend more time with the Lord. I’ll admit I’ve largely fallen away from that desire in the weeks after my aunt and cousin’s deaths. I’m not super comfortable with anger and sadness, and goodness knows my time with the Lord has been spent expressing those feelings. It’s easier sometimes to stay away, but it certainly doesn’t nourish my soul. So when Jess from “The Macs” posted this challenge, I knew I had to join. I have to open time in my day and space in my heart for the Lord to move. The rest is up to Him. Today, Jess posted a few questions to get us on track. I’m posting my answers to keep myself accountable.

1. Have a plan…
What will your time alone with the Lord look like? Be prepared.

I’m trying to keep it simple and easy so that I’ll have as few excuses as possible to postpone. I’ll start by reading the New Testament and Psalms passage from the One Year Bible. Then, I’ll use the One Year in Prayer devotional to structure my prayer time after which I’ll have a time to pray what’s on my heart. I’ll pray for my day, my family, and my students.

2. Have a time…
When will you spend time with the Lord? Schedule it and set that alarm!

I’m not a morning person so it pains me to say this, but I feel convicted that if this is going to happen, I need to get up a half hour earlier. I’m going to start setting my alarm for 6:30 a.m. with the goal of spending from 6:30-7:00 with the Lord.

3. Have a place…
Where will you meet with the Lord? Find a quiet place where you will be alone and the least distracted.

If there’s any hope of having this time in the morning, I’ve got to get out of bed. At first, I’m going to have my time on the couch. Once my patio furniture gets here, I’ll move my time outside on nice days.

4. Grab a friend…
Encourage someone to join you in this challenge and keep each other accountable!

Will you join us??


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