No Rest for the Weary

And weary I most certainly am. I got to work today on what was only my second day of the week, and was about ready to burst into tears. I was late, because I couldn’t find my keys (oh, and because there was a little wedding on TV), and I was alone in the classroom. No student teacher to keep me company, or run my little errands. I was totally overwhelmed by 9:00 a.m.

A wise woman would have scheduled a weekend of complete rest. Instead, what do I have on the agenda? A full day of babysitting (7:45-5:30) on Saturday followed by church and a birthday brunch on Sunday. Somewhere in there I need to deep clean my house, and finish the progress reports that were supposed to go out weeks ago. Life goes on, but it sure does march to a relentless beat these days.


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