My house is clean. Finally. I was home sick this weekend, and had entirely too much time to contemplate the chaos I had effectively spent the last 12 weeks living in. You see, it all started with narrative reports where I’d come home from my 8 hour work day only to put in another 4 or so hours typing narratives on the couch. At the end of each day, I was effectively exhausted. Then, it was February vacation, and I was sick, and finally, it was the end of winter doldrums that admittedly got the best of me.

I spent the weekend reading some of my favorite blogs, and found myself at least a little more motivated to get my apartment back in order than before. I read this post over at The Inspired Room and was reminded of the Fly Lady. Suddenly, the frustration I felt at doing a big clean only to have to do it again the next weekend had a solution. I knew I needed to find time to put in a big clean, but then it could be just a matter of routines. I’m signing up for the Fly Lady newsletter, and I’m committing to following her day-by-day tips for the month.

I woke up this morning still under the weather, and decided to stay home from church. By the afternoon however, I was ready to tackle the house. It took 3.5 hours, but the house is finally clean… and I mean really clean. I scrubbed the toilet, the stove, and the bathroom sink. I flipped my mattress, and vacuumed both it, my couch, and my carpet. I dusted behind the bed, and all of the little crevices that are so often neglected. I have a few projects left, but boy, does the house feel better!

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