I finally tackled the kitchen. After days of putting it off and allowing dishes to accumulate in the sink (and let’s be honest, on most of my counters too), I finally managed to put a couple hours into really cleaning. 90 minutes and one full trash bag later, the kitchen is totally clean. It’s nice to feel some progress. I was feeling particularly motivated- I’ve also tackled my classroom in the last week- so I wanted to continue with the rest of the house, but I was off to a concert with some friends so I had to leave the living room, bedroom and bathroom a mess for another night.

So as I’ve been doing this outward cleaning, it got me thinking about the inward cleaning I need to do. The winter has been rough on my soul. I’ve spent so much time being downright exhausted, that it was hard to do much else beyond vegging on the couch. Three months later, I almost forget what it’s like to have a real, living, personal relationship with God. I know He’s there, I still go to church on Sundays, I still love God, but my relationship with Him needs some TLC. I’m off to the Women’s Retreat my church is having next weekend so that should certainly help, but I know I need to incorporate some regular time with Him into my schedule too. With that in mind, do any of you know of any good devotionals, or have any tricks for how to spend a Quiet Time?


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