Spring Cleaning

It’s time. I look around my house these days and it’s like a bomb went off. The winter doldrums, combined with complete exhaustion lulled me into a routine where I managed to clean exactly nothing during the last few weeks. That includes basic upkeep. It’s a sad state of affairs. I took a LONG nap today, so I’m starting tonight, and continuing the process throughout the week. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  1. Clean Sweep – Bedroom
  2. Clean Sweep – Living Room
  3. Clean Sweep – Bathroom
  4. Clean Sweep – Kitchen
  5. Dust and Vacuum – Bedroom
  6. Dust and Vacuum – Living Room
  7. Scrub and Mop – Bathroom
  8. Scrub and Mop – Kitchen
  1. Clean Out Refrigerator
  2. Scrub Down Refrigerator
  3. Declutter under sink
  4. Change out Spring/Winter Clothes
  5. Spring Decorating
  6. Change to spring sheets on the bed
  7. Clean out car
  8. Purge toiletries
  9. Declutter dresser
  10. Finish Taxes (not spring cleaning, but definitely on the to-do list!)

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