Oh readers, I have to apologize for being so remiss in posting lately. I’ve been so exhausted lately, a combination of the end of winter, fighting off a cold, and starting some new meds. The nap seems to have become my best friend. I’ll squeeze one in wherever I can!

Anyway, March always starts me dreaming about summer, despite my best intentions to live in the moment. I have these dreams of spending hours outside on my patio, reading, and drinking coffee. Reality is though, that summer is filling up more quickly than I’d like. There’s the week-long training after school gets out that takes me right until July 1, the (potential) trip to the Outer Banks the last week of July, the week-long training the first week of August, and the trip to the Cape the last two and half weeks of vacation. Suddenly, my summer is feeling short. Regardless, I’m summer-dreaming! I think this summer, instead of making my list of activities to complete, I’m going to make a list of books to read, house-projects to complete (let’s all start praying now that I don’t have to move…), and walks around Boston to take. I’d like to spend as much time as possible doing things that involve moving my body, using my brain, and that are free. Suggestions!?

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