The Obligatory Reflective Birthday Post

It’s my last day of being 27. My last few hours if I want to be completely accurate. I loved turning 27 since I was 27 on the 27th, and I loved being 27 because ever since I was a little girl I had 27 in my head as some magical age. The year was by no means perfect, or even particularly memorable, but I am grateful to have lived it, and I am grateful for the chance tomorrow to mark another year on the Earth. As I approach turning 28, I’ve been thinking hard about how I want to change the way that I am approaching my life. I am increasingly aware of how limited our time here is, and I want to ensure that I am really cherishing each moment that I have. There are a few areas in which I want to concentrate change:

Faith: I love God, and I love my church, but if I’m honest, my daily life doesn’t always reflect my faith as a priority. I need to find make time for prayer and Scripture reading in my daily life. I am going to try integrating this right away, but will make a concentrated effort beginning with the season of Lent.

Health: I’ve made great changes to the way that I approach food and exercise in the last six years, but I’ve plateaued and it’s not enough. It’s time to kick it up a notch… back to daily walks whenever the temperature is above 32, it’s not raining, and I’m home before dark. At this point in the year, there are plenty of these days, and getting the sunshine is an extra mood booster. It’s also time to return to tracking my meals via Weight Watchers. It’s remarkably easy if I just do it.

Relationships: This area isn’t as much of a change, as a continuation to something I tried in the fall. I want to say yes to pursuing relationships more than I say no, but I also want to find a better way to anticipate when I need time for myself, before I feel like I need to hibernate for a week.

Here’s to another year!


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