I’m going to go ahead and say it. It’s beginning to feel downright like spring around here. Most of the 70+ inches of snow we’ve had this season have melted, and we’ve had a couple of warm days recently. There’s nothing like the mid-60s in the middle of February to warm a girl up!

Today it’s raining, big fat droplets falling from the sky so quickly that one really does need an umbrella. Let’s just say I was quite unsuccessful in my bid to go without an umbrella or a hood as I ran errands in my car today. Normally, I don’t welcome rainy days, particularly when I’m on vacation- which I am this week. But here’s the thing- it’s raining not snowing- which means that spring is really on the way.

I’ve been yearning for spring recently, remembering the hours I spent out at the park last spring as I soaked up some sun and poured through some new books. Remembering hours spent at lacrosse games, and afternoon naps in the sun. I’ve enjoyed this winter, truly. (Working 4-day work weeks for a month will help with that.) Still, I’m ready for the promise of new life that each spring brings.


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