Project #1 The Closet… Before and After

For some strange reason I thought today, Tuesday night, was the right time to start a project I’ve been putting off since I moved on August 13. I decided to tackle the hall closet. Now, let’s put this in perspective here. The problem has not gotten any better since August 13. In fact, it’s only gotten worse. By today, the closet looked like this:

Bad news, huh? I had in my mind that this task was going to take hours… days even. There were boxes to break down, stuff to organize, and really, that pile was pretty high. I began at 8:00 p.m. Two hours later, my closet looks like this:

Perfect? No. Better? Much. And this, is how I spent my time while watching the State of the Union:

Those my friends, are the moving boxes that I finally broke down. Those boxes saw me through four moves, and while they were officially through their U-haul declared useful life, disposing of them was a huge psychological task. It says I’m not planning on moving, and so I don’t need to save boxes just so I can start packing them mere months after I’ve unpacked. It also says that if I do move, I can now afford to buy a few new boxes. Amazing.


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