Work, Life, and the Never-Ending Search for Balance

The other weekend, I had the most amazing experience. Thanks to a Wednesday snow day, and the promise of a three-day weekend, I found myself extra motivated to aim for a weekend without work. I got my lessons planned by Thursday, planned out a schedule for busting out my narratives that included finishing early and not working at all on the weekend. I stayed later on Friday, wrote four more narratives and then headed off to my yoga class after which I didn’t check any work e-mail, or touch a piece of work until late Monday night. Instead, I spent Saturday with a friend exploring Wellesley where we relived our favorite Mona Lisa Smile scenes and promised to return in the Spring when there are even more photographs to be taken.

Sunday was church, followed by an afternoon at a friend’s house where we commiserated as we watched the Patriots lose. (Seriously, how did that happen!?) And finally there was Monday, spent at another friend’s house making cards, and swapping crazy teaching stories before Community Group. By the time I arrived back home, at 9:30 Monday night, I felt like I’d been on an extended vacation.

This, to me, is balance. Where a well-executed plan leads each weekend to feel as though it’s time spent away from the normal routine. It’s rare that I actually feel this way at the end of the weekend, but as 2011 progresses, I am increasingly eager to make sure that I experience this kind of balance more often.

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