Thursday: Bedroom

Ahhh… the bedroom. This is admittedly not a great shot, but it’s the two-room studio thing again. There are only so many angles from which I can take a picture without showing off one of my other zones.

Thursday is going to be bedroom day. This area tends to gather a lot of misplaced items by the end of the week, and I always find it nice to come in on Friday and see the room all cleaned up. It’s nice to squeeze in an afternoon nap where possible…. and I find that’s most possible when the bed is made and the room is clean. So Thursday’s plan:

  • Dust bookshelf, dresser, and bed
  • Vacuum carpet (this probably should be done twice a week… it’s beginning to show it’s age)
  • “Clean Sweep”
  • Deal with any clothes that have found their way onto the edge of the bed or the (gasp) floor of the bedroom.

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