Snow Day!!

I’m so grateful for this day to lounge around, and just be. There’s no need to go outside and run errands, there’s no need really, to get anything done at all. In spite of that, (or perhaps because of the fact that I have endless hours to spend at home) however, I’m feeling compelled to start a spring cleaning list:

  1. DUST and VACUUM… everything… under the bed, in the closets, under the couch, behind major furniture, etc.
  2. Tackle the linen closet… you know the one that has become my “I’ll just throw this in there” closet.
  3. Unclutter. There are many candidates for this particular task including: my dresser, my clothes closet, under the sink, my desk, my files, the bathroom… you get the picture
  4. Deal with the nagging tasks I’ve been putting off since moving: i.e. breaking down boxes, putting up curtains (or deciding not to once and for all…)

I’m thinking I will tackle one item each week… and my hope is to be done by spring. I mean really, who wants to spend a beautiful spring day inside!?

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