No News is Good News

I’ve been at a loss for words these last few days. I’ve started a few posts, and then abandoned them because really, I have very little to say. The beginning of the year is always tough like that. The holidays are over (although I still haven’t taken down my Christmas tree), and winter is just settling in for a LONG stay. I’m more than ready for spring already, but I’m fighting the urge to count down, and am trying to live in the moment. Because really, spring will come soon enough.

The countdown has long since been something I’ve been known for. I count down EVERYTHING… but it’s really been getting to me lately. I mean, what exactly is it that I’m counting down to? I have this one life to live… and a quarter of it is going to spent during the winter. Am I really going to insist on rushing through a quarter of my life? That seems somewhat foolish. Still, the living in the moment thing is easier said than done when there are moments that you’d rather not live through… moments you’d just like to pass. It’s a challenge, but it’s one I’m taking on for the new year.

Anyway, I’ve also been spending some time (again) thinking about really implementing some routines. When I first moved into my apartment I created a list of daily and weekly routines that would help my life to run more smoothly, and help me avoid spending every Saturday morning scrubbing down the apartment. While I have to say the busy-ness of life contributed to their being an epic failure, I’m ready to begin again. I’m thinking there will be blog posts… with pictures to kick off the new routines!


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