Another 365

I was contemplating taking WordPress up on their 365 post challenge. Then I failed to post on the first day of the year. I guess I answered my own question. Even so, I do want to spend more time posting this year, so I think I’m going to set a goal of every other day.

It’s back to school tomorrow, and I was reflecting today on how my goals for this year are not all that different from my goals for last year. I’m still planning on cooking more and cooking healthier foods. I’m still planning on trying to get up earlier in the morning to spend time with God. I’m still planning on trying to keep my house more organized. It’s funny how personal habits remain so constant over the years.

So with those goals, and others in mind, I started a “Bucket List” for 2011. It is by no means complete, and I’ll admit that some of the items seem rather boring, but hey, if it’s gotta get done, it’s gotta get done!

  1. Go to the dermatologist
  2. Go to the dentist
  3. Get my oil changed on time
  4. Schedule a physical
  5. Go to Walden Pond
  6. See my cousin’s wife in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway!
  7. See at least 1 far-off family member
  8. Spend at least one day in Maine this summer
  9. Plan and take another solo mini-break
  10. Clean and organize my hall closet…. (this is a BIG project)
  11. Photograph my seasonal decorating attempts
  12. Throw a dinner party
  13. Scooper Bowl
  14. Castle Island
  15. Walk to the Sea
  16. Revere Beach Sand Sculpture Festival
  17. Shakespeare on the Common
  18. SOWA Market
  19. Tour the Custom House
  20. ICA
  21. Take advantage of the $20 <40 offer from the Boston Symphony

And just for good measure, here’s a pictorial tour of my 2010 holiday season. Happy New Year!


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