Christmas in Michigan

It’s my last night in Michigan. I’m sitting here in the living room, ensconced in what was once my favorite chair in my grandparents’ house trying to put into words what the last few days have been. After years of being held at bay, the constant march of the sands of time are finally taking their toll on my family. We’re changing, and with each passing day, the reality of that change seems to hit closer and closer to home. I mean really, we’re not getting any younger here.

So I came out to Michigan this year because I loved being here last year. One of my big regrets is that we missed so many Decembers in Michigan with the family, and I’m bound and determined not to miss any more. I promised myself I’d take pictures this year… to share with you, and to have for posterity, but I failed in that regard. The reality is that it’s hard to capture in a photograph what this time here is like. We spend most of our time together, sitting in the living room, or in cars heading out to malls, or movies, or bowling, and reality is that doesn’t photograph particularly well and so I chose this year just to live this time. I don’t regret it. It was well worth every dollar I spent to get here, and every minute of sleep that I sacrificed to be here. I hope there will be a next year.

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