The Anticipation or Beginning of the Winter Doldrums

The first frost finally hit Boston this week. I put my summer clothes in storage, and dug out the winter duds. The flannel sheets have been on my bed for weeks, and my weekend mornings, once beloved for their productivity, have been spent snuggled up in more than one comfy blanket.

I’m hibernating.

There’s so much about this time of year that begs just a little time alone. Things are heating up at work, and I’ve spent one too many days at this point in the old routine. I’m tired and I need a break. It’s cold outside, and I hate being cold for one more minute than I have to. Already I’ve begun packing on the pounds (ok, not really, but I sure haven’t been losing any poundage either), as my diet has begun consisting almost entirely of comfort foods. Right now my freezer is stocked with comfort: chili, a cheesy pasta dish, calzones, pancakes, and my body’s starting to feel it.

This is my normal winter routine. Hearty foods, not a lot of leaving the house. When spring time comes, I’m ready to be active again, but my body has paid the price for a season (or two) of inactivity. I’m determined this time though, that this year will be different. It has to be. I’ve worked too hard to get where I am to backslide. So, any advice for a winter-hating, over-worked first-year-in-a-new-school teacher, who leaves for work at 7:00, and often doesn’t make it home before 5:00 or 6:00, who has an expensive gym membership but not much motivation?


2 thoughts on “The Anticipation or Beginning of the Winter Doldrums

  1. I am right there with you. No motivation after a long day at work. I sometimes try to walk on my lunch hour or at about 3p around the parking lot just to get up and moving a little. Walking around walmart is great. you’d be surprised how big it is if you walk the whole thing twice. (mine is one mile). Also, it helps me to get home and do something for 20 minutes, change sheets,. clean kitchen, scrub tub, housework counts as exercise.

    • Thanks for the words of wisdom… you’re totally right. After a long day of work, there are ways to sneak a little exercise in. I’m thinking of readopting my 32 degrees rule. When I was in grad school, it if was above 32 degrees (and not raining), I was out for a walk. Although, I may have to quit the expensive gym membership if I’m not actually ever going to make it there!

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