Home is Where the Table Is

It’s been quiet around the blog lately. Sorry about that. It’s what happens when I spend too much time at work, or busy with friends and family, and not enough time on my own. Anyway, I’m back for now (although expect an extended absence later this month… parent teacher conferences are approaching).

I love this picture, not because it’s an example of how perfectly I decorate, although it was my attempt at fall-inspired decorating. I mean really, do you see the orange on the table? I never use orange!! As a side note, do you see how the table-cloth and runner don’t match? I can only do so much. I’m hoping to add a red tablecloth next year, something that I can carry into winter by just switching the runner.

No, I don’t love this picture because of my decorations. I love this picture because it captures just a slice of who I want to be. If you look closely, there are two Bibles on the table. One is my everyday Bible that’s beat up from 9 years of use. The other is my study Bible. I had them both out because I was in the midst of a successful quiet time routine. I had spent some quality time with Jesus, and there was something that I wanted to learn more about. I love that version of me. The one who remembers to slow down, the one who remembers that there is Someone greater than myself, Someone who is truly the bread of life, Someone I need more of.

The other reason I love this Bible, is because perched at the end of my two Bibles, you see my cookbook. This is my old, reliable Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. The one I bought when I graduated from college because there’s no better standby than the cookbook with old reliable red and white checkered cover. That cookbook is another symbol of the person I want to be. The person who cooks nourishing meals for myself, and someday for my family. I’m pleased that the cookbook has made a resurgence in my kitchen lately, since it is all too easy for me to fall into the trap of frozen (and not quite satisfying nor nourishing) meals.

The other reason I love this picture? My kitchen table is clean. That never happens.


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