What a Girl Needs

I’ve been abusing my body lately. I generally operate under the assumption that I’m doing “okay,” unless the scale skyrockets up or down but I’ve been keeping a health journal these last few weeks and let me tell you, the news isn’t good. This fall, I’ve been feeding my body a little too much fair food, a little too much hot chocolate, and a little too much ice cream and while the scale hasn’t budged (thank you, stress from new job), my body knows the difference. Case in point: the ear infection I came down with this week. What am I, two!? So aside from the left-over casserole made with whole milk that’s for dinner most of this week, it’s time to start a new regime.

I’m planning on starting gently, cutting out the dessert at dinner, and really genuinely counting the calories I’m putting into my body. It’s also time to go to the gym. Or give up my gym membership, but with a long, hard, New England style winter ahead of me, I’m thinking that’s not the best plan at this point. So I’m easing back into the gym routine this week too. My goal is three times… and all I have to do is walk.

The good news about this health journal, which I’ve been keeping in preparation for a doctor’s appointment where I know the “next-step” is going to be to keep this kind of log is that if I add the gym days in as a category, I will feel duty bound to make it to the gym more often. I mean, who wants to hand their doctor a record of all the times she didn’t go to the gym!?

Anyway, suffice it to say, I’m realizing more and more that this body is a gift, and it’s my duty to care for it. I can’t put junk into my body day in and day out, and then expect to feel good. It just doesn’t work like that, and it’s time to step up. Again.

P.S. Find this post boring? I promise not to blog more than 1% of the time about health related issues. I generally find them boring too.


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