A Saturday in October

On Saturday, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful (albeit windy and cold, but that’s just October) weather to take a walk around the block and show you a bit of my neighborhood.


That’s my house to the left. I was going to take pictures from the other side, but when I returned home, there was a man doing the same thing… taking pictures of my house. I’m assuming it’s because it’s so beautiful, and not because he was casing the joint… but talk about awkward as I waited for him to be done before I walked past him and into the house he was photographing.




This is the park around the corner from my house. I love this park, even thought I didn’t make it there often this fall. I’m excited to spend plenty of time there, particularly this spring and summer. It’s part of the 23% of my city that is not paved over. Yes, you read that statistic correctly… yes, it’s one of the things about my city that I don’t love.





I learned yesterday that this tower represents the original height of the hill. The flag at the top is a replica of the first American flag which was flown here in 1776.





The view from the top reminds me of the library roof at Tufts.




I found this part of my city yesterday. It is literally right around the corner from my house. I love that looking this direction, I can feel like I’m in the mountains. (Looking the other direction it’s clear where I am!)


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