It’s the Simple Things, Really (A Post of Relatively Random Thoughts)

My week has continued its insanity. Perhaps I should amend that statement, my life has continued its insanity. I tried to schedule a meeting this week, and could not find a single time all week that would work for me. A single time, ALL week. I’m not spending much time at home either, which has been more than a bit frustrating. I love being at home, and I hate those weeks when my time at home is limited.

I finally got to spend a bit of time at home this afternoon. That is, after school and class and a phone call home to a parent, I finally had some time to spend by myself. I enjoyed a bowl of the chili I cooked earlier this week, put on some p.j.’s and curled up on the couch to watch a few episodes of Law and Order and catch up on my blog reading.

So, first I want to point you over to Emily at Chatting at the Sky. Her posts on grace have got my heart eager to explore more about that aspect of my relationship with Jesus. Grace does not come easily to most of us, whether we struggle to show it to ourselves, or each other. It’s only when we’re connected to the One who extends grace to us that it’s possible to extend it to others. I’ve long wanted to understand more about grace, and I’m grateful for Emily’s series this October!

And to close, on to the simple things. After an afternoon on the couch where I transitioned from sitting in the sunshine streaming in through my bow windows to watching the sunset. The moon rose without my noticing, until finally, a few minutes ago, I saw it peaking through the trees just outside that same window. There’s just something about the moon that I love, something that connects me to the rhythms of life as it rises and sets at different times each day. I still remember the first time I saw the Harvest Moon. I was 19, and I had spent a chilly fall afternoon exploring Boston with some college-friends before we took to the Top of the Hub to enjoy a single cheese platter followed by a single dessert platter (we were college students after all). Looking out towards the ocean, over downtown, the Harvest Moon loomed large as it rose from the ocean. I had never seen anything like it. Tonight, seeing a seemingly smaller version of that same moon, I cherished that simple memory, of a few friends playing at adult life and making memories together.


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