Broken Promises and the Beauty of Age

I promised photos this week and did not deliver. I should have known better than to make a promise any time before next June. Until school’s out for the summer, it’s just not going to happen on time. I’d apologize, but I wouldn’t really mean it… that’s just my life right now. Instead, I’ll just ask you to bear with me until I get my act together (and here’s a summer photo to tide you over)!

So… on to the topic of the day. I made it home early yesterday. Early enough to throw a three-hour recipe in the slow-cooker and have it ready for a late dinner. Early enough to clean most of my house. Early enough to watch Oprah. Now, I’m not an Oprah devotee… I can go an entire summer watching only one episode. (I like to watch one on the first Monday of break… because I can.) I turned it on anyway on Thursday just because I was home early enough to do so. She had on a few “old” stars who are dealing with the effects of aging. Age is not something that’s totally on my radar yet… I’m only 27 after all, but I’ve noticed that it has been creeping up on me slowly, but surely.

There are the beginnings of crows feet around my eyes, grey hairs that pop up here and there on my head, and veins on my hands that seem a little more apparent than they once did. My body used to bounce back with the application of a little moisturizer, but it’s seeming a little harder these days so I’m learning to embrace the changes. I don’t love the grey hairs, but they’re silver like my dad’s, and they remind me of the kids I had during a super-stressful school year when half of those grey hairs first appeared. The crow’s feet are most apparent when I smile- they’re markers of they good times I’ve shared with others. And then there are my hands. I used to admire the veins on my mother’s hands… they seemed like something that was earned by years of hard work. I’m learning to see them the same way on myself!

So here’s what I’m getting at… one thing all of these women said on Oprah was that while they didn’t love losing their beauty, the wisdom that comes with age is worth the trade off, and I agree. I have learned so much in just my few years on this planet, and if these marks of time are the price I have to pay, I’ll take them. I cherish the times I’ve had, but even in the midst of the craziness of this year, I wouldn’t go back for anything.


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