Tuesday’s Gifts

I woke up at 6:00 this morning, relieved it was Saturday only to realize that not only was it not Saturday, it was only Tuesday. Yesterday, my kitchen sink exploded, necessitating an afternoon spent disinfecting (although I’m thankful for a super-attentive landlord, who did an amazing job mopping up) before I could cook dinner for my church group. The weekend was busy, and I found I had no time to recharge, and now I just feel tired. Today, I was having a hard time finding the gifts I’m experiencing.

After a long day, I walked through my front door, and sat down to write this post and it occurred to me… maybe today’s gift is the encouragement just to think through the gifts which I am experiencing. The gift of taking a second to remember that even in the midst of the craziness, there are gifts. That someday, I will yearn for this season of life where so much is new and different.

And so I am grateful. If only for a moment where I remember that these moments I’m experiencing are only a small part of a season. The seasons of our lives are short, and even when they are hard, I am grateful for the moments that help me stop and remember that these seasons are not forever.


One thought on “Tuesday’s Gifts

  1. I am feeling the same lately. Our situation right now is what is best for us. God has us in these seasons for a reason. He knows our best interests and is placing them before us as we speak. Very encouraging post, thanks!

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