Saturdays look different this year. When I took the new job, I was well aware of the fact that my evenings and weekends were no longer going to be all my own. Still, I knew I could not repeat the mistakes of my real first year of teaching. There would be no more nights where I was at school until 8:30 or 9, and no more weekends spent entirely lesson planning and cleaning with no fun mixed in.

Without being particularly intentional about crafting a weekend routine, I’ve settled into a pattern that seems to be working perfectly. Waking up early on Saturday morning, I do a quick clean of the house before heading down to lesson plan until noon at my favorite coffee shop. By the time the afternoon rolls around, the only thing I have to do is finish my grocery shopping.

I love how finishing up my “have-to’s” (as my math students would call them), means that the rest of my weekend is mine to fill. Sure, it’s not fun to get up at 7:00 on Saturday morning, but the relief I feel at noon when almost everything is behind me is definitely worth sacrificing an extra hour of sleep. (Bonus: getting up at 7:00 lets me preserve my weeknight sleep cycle… Monday mornings have been infinitely easier!) I’ve come to cherish that Saturday morning time, with a hot latte in front of me, made so well that there is a tree design in the milk every time; my breakfast selection of the week on a plate, and the knowledge that a few hours of hard work will give me the rest of the weekend to play.

Now if I can only keep it up…

(Coming soon: A visual representation of my Saturdays, a tour through my (not-yet-perfect) apartment, and pictures of what I spent the last week of August doing in my classroom… basically what’s coming is a lot of pictures. I finally have the energy to find the cord and load them on to the computer. Thanks for your patience!)


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