Change is in the air these days as the college students pour in and the cool air takes the place of hot, summer nights. It feels good to pull on a pair of jeans and head down to Union Square for a hot latte at Bloc 11. I miss summer, and the carefree, unscheduled days, but I am learning to embrace fall.

This fall brought it’s own set of changes. A new apartment. A new job. A whole new life in many respects. It’s been fun, and challenging to move into this new reality.

On the apartment front, I have been happy to discover how much I enjoy living alone, and how much it has helped me to begin deepening the relationships that I have with people in the city. Instead of running in the opposite direction of the church greeting hour on Sundays, I look forward to it each week, knowing that it’s an opportunity for social interaction. Living alone, my introverted needs are met. I can retreat home any time I need to and know exactly what I will find. Are there drawbacks? Sure… the mess in the kitchen? All mine. The utility bills? Likewise, all mine. But the quiet? That’s all mine too.

At school, it’s a whole new world and I love it. It’s what I signed up for six years ago when I began filling out applications to go to graduate school. It’s challenging, but I love how my brain is twirling 24/7, figuring out new solutions to the problems that seem to pop up just when I think I have everything under control. It’s like first-year teaching all over again… but with the knowledge that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m grateful for my evenings this year, when I can come home and decompress, instead of looking for a new job. And I’m looking forward to evenings a few years from now, when I’ve truly left work at work.

So… for a girl who doesn’t like change… it’s been a big fall, but you know what? I’m starting to like it.

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