Reasons I Hope This Move Is My Last Until I Buy a Place…

1. I have moved 5 times within the Somerville/Boston area since graduating from college 5 years ago. That alone is enough of a reason. This will be my fourth Somerville address since the fall of 2006.

2. I refuse to move on September 1st again. It is WAY easier to move before then. My new lease is on a September schedule. I don’t really fancy paying extra rent again, so the only way I see to break the cycle is to buy a place. And have a closing date in August. So I don’t have the move September 1. I have priorities… clearly.

3. My friends need a break. A girl can only ask the same people to move the same stuff so many times in consecutive years. If I move next year, I have to hire movers. (Self-imposed rule. My friends are fabulous. I bet they’d help me again… I’m just trying to spare us all the pain.)

4. I need a break. Packing is terrible. This time, I wrote a Move 2010 Handy Reference Sheet and saved it on my computer. It lists what is in what size box, and how I can make my next move better and more organized. I would like to wait to move until I have completely forgotten about the spreadsheet and I once again think that packing is fun.

5. Summer vacation seems significantly shorter when large portions of time are spent packing and unpacking.

6. I get too excited when I move. I love designing new room layouts, maximizing space, and creating organizational systems. I lose significant amounts of sleep doing this. Case in point: last night I slept from about 2:30-5:30, kind of. I got up and went to the beach with my cousins in an effort to tire myself out. I came home and packed from 4:30-9:30. I got into bed exhausted. It is 11:55 and I am still awake and thinking about my new kitchen and bathroom. I move in 12 hours.

7. I like stability.

8. I don’t like change.

9. There’s a great patio on the back of my apartment. I don’t want to move until I can replace it with something better.

10. All I’m missing is laundry, and a bedroom. This seems like small potatoes because renting this place enables me to reach my goal of buying a place sooner. Moving to a more expensive place (which I inevitably would) pushes me farther from my goal.


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