Things I’ll Miss… and Things I Won’t

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the process of leaving my old job, and beginning my new one. Today’s a bit of a lighthearted post of things I’m excited for at my new job, and things I’ll miss from my old one.

Things I’ll miss:

  • the view from the Longfellow Bridge on the train everyday… how the view changes with the seasons… marking the beginning of spring by the day the ice is melted on the Charles.
  • passing three Starbucks on my way to work… having two within a 3 minute walk (i.e. close enough to walk to after work or during a break when I just REALLY need that cup…)
  • the colleagues… and the silliness
  • knowing all the kids from third grade and above
  • walking… every day… because I have to
  • seeing the Common and the Garden every day
  • the familiar

Things I’m looking forward to (in absolutely no particular order):

  • Driving my car to work (but being able to take the T if I need to)
  • a slightly bigger space
  • the new and the unknown
  • the challenge of immersing myself in the new and the unknown
  • having colleagues at my grade level (whoa!)
  • meeting new children

The list goes on…


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