Reunion Time

I dreamt about my alma mater the other day. This wasn’t a dream set on campus where the real story is about the people or the events, this was a dream about my college, and the things that used to happen there. I haven’t missed college too much in the years since I’ve been out, but it’s reunion time, and I think I’ve started romanticizing. Even so, I can’t wait to head back, put a light on the Hill, and welcome the next generation of Jumbo alums into the big-wide-adult world.

I’ve been on a walk down memory lane these last few weeks as I start thinking about heading back to school. It’s hard to believe that it has been FIVE years since I last walked the Hill as a student. It’s hard to believe how much I have grown and changed since then. It’s hard to believe that at 22 I was considered mature enough to let out into the world. I was SO young. In hindsight, there are some things that have happened over the last few years that I have been incredibly grateful for. Here are just a few:

  • Living with my college roommate in our little apartment in an Orthodox Jewish family neighborhood our first year out of school. It was so safe, so quiet, and such a perfect way to ease into adult life. I drove through the neighborhood again today, and loved seeing the girls in their oxford shirts and long skirts running from house to house. It struck me that those girls were babies when I left.
  • My small group at Park Street Church nurtured me as I figured out how to follow Jesus outside of my college fellowship. It wasn’t always easy, but they gave me a safe place to figure things out, and when I had my feet underneath me and it was time to move on, they let me fly. I am so grateful for the friendships that have sustained past that time.
  • My small group and church community at Christ the King have helped me deepen my faith in ways I wouldn’t have considered before.
  • My cooperating teacher at the King Open School who shepherded me through that first year of intensity as I navigated the classroom experience for the first time.
  • That I have had a job ever since graduating from graduate school.
  • That I have learned how to live on very little, and that I don’t have to every day.
  • That I have learned the ingredients to living my happy life (most of the time), daily exercise, prayer and Scripture, whole foods, a dose of fresh air, regular time in the midst of nature, a little bit (or often a lot) of peace and quiet, and close friends.

It’s been quite the trip these last five years, and I’m eager to see what I’ll learn in the next five!


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