Vacation Clarity

I began the week dreadfully tired. Perhaps the result of too many cookies and caffeinated beverages meant to give me enough of a rush to get through the report card writing/parent-teacher conferences/annual fund dinner that would end my day. I slept eight hours Friday night only to be unable to keep my eyes open on Saturday morning. I spent three more hours sleeping on the couch before I was ready to tackle the day. By “tackle” the day, I mean take the dog out for his second walk and watch entirely too many episodes of terrible television shows.

It made me think though about what I put into my body, and what I expect my body to do for me. I mean really, if two meals each week are made up of preprocessed cheese, milk, and butter – even if the shells and cheese package is from Whole Foods – am I really to expect prime performance? If I’m “getting through” the end of the day (or the beginning of the day, who am I kidding?) by popping jelly beans, shouldn’t I expect the crash an hour or two later?

Anyway, I took advantage of the beautiful day yesterday to head to my favorite market in Watertown. I love how they display their food, how it’s almost entirely WHOLE foods, frutis, vegetables, dairy, meat, bread. Anything processed is displayed on bottom shelves, underneath the non-processed goodness. I bought plenty of fruits and veggies, some Stonyfield yogurt, a nice loaf of whole-wheat bread, and some chicken salad. Already, I feel my energy levels rising, and it’s amazing how a breakfast of toast, strawberries and a banana can be every bit as satisfying as something more decadent.

I’m heading out of the city today, with a picnic lunch, a hope to take advantage of another 70 degree day, and a question of how to incorporate this more relaxed, healthy lifestyle into my non-vacationing life.

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