A Final Push…

I’ve been remiss in posting this week. The truth is that it’s the last sprint until April vacation, and I am longing to go from the craziness of everyday life, back to this.I love that vantage point. The reflection of the sun just before it hits the water, the colors painted over the sky, different every time, the relative silence of the world. I wish that I could exist forever in that moment, alone with my thoughts and with the beauty of creation. When I was little, my parents say I would refuse to go to bed when we were on the Cape, until I had seen the sunset. Even today, when I cannot see the sun set behind the trees, or into the sea, I find it hard to believe that the day is done, hard to quiet my mind and pass into sleep.

We’re in the final push now to the end of the year. Just 45 more school days remain before the end of the year. That’s 9 weeks, which in the grand scheme of the end of the year, is really not very much. Still, the idea that 9 weeks separates me from the complete freedom of summer feels like an eternity, and I’m longing for a change.

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