Boston Loving

I had two of those moments today where I thought “I would miss some things about the city… I could do this long-term life in the city thing.” Why one of those moments occurred as I traipsed through downtown on my way to the T station, with what seemed like 20 pounds in my backpack all while dodging puddles and the spray from passing cars, I’m not so sure. Moment number two was more predictable. I was seated in my favorite Starbucks, with a free beverage courtesy of a birthday coupon, in a comfy armchair, by the fire, reading The Girl Who Played With Fire. But then, I thought, instead of Starbucks, I could be in Bonhoeffer’s with my car waiting out back, ready to drive me home.

Anyway, in honor of my missing Boston moment, here is a list of things I would miss about the city:

  1. Christ the King Presbyterian Church
  2. My community group
  3. Spring on Charles Street, when the leaves have finally come out
  4. Free Friday Flicks on the Esplanade during the summer
  5. Aimless wandering with plenty of new paths to take
  6. Free orchestra concerts throughout the city
  7. Summer evenings on the waterfront

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